Tuesday, 8 January 2013

No Excuses... Part 2

So yesterday I posted all about there being no excuse.  I was all kitted out, no ducking out of a ride now.  As Graeme Obree says - grit your teeth and turn those pedals.  The weather gods obviously heard me.  The wind picked up and the rain came down.  So did the cloud base.  Was a fun ride home in the wind, rain and dark.

Look - there's the road.  I think...
It rained all night and was still hammering down when I left this morning for work.  Luckily I had recently re-proofed my gore-tex jacket.  That lovely beading effect lasted all of 10 minutes.  Why do they make these jackets without vents?  It's like riding in a bin bag...

Time for my morning dip.
Still, the forecast is set to improve this afternoon.  There's even mention of something called The Sun?!

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